how to write b in cursive

how to write b in cursive


In this post, we will show you how to write the letter b in cursive. You will need a pencil and paper to follow along. As you practice, you will eventually develop a smooth and flowing cursive b.

1. What is the difference between “b” and “B” in cursive?

When writing the letter “b” in cursive, there is a big difference between using a “b” and using a “B”. The letter “b” is written as a loop, while the letter “B” is written with a small hook at the top. This tiny difference can make your essay or paper look very sloppy if you get it wrong. So be sure to practice your “b’s” and “B’s” until you can write them both correctly!

3. What is the difference between “d” and “D” in cursive?

The lowercase letter “d” is written exactly the same way as the lowercase letter “b.” The difference between these two letters is the uppercase letter “D.” The uppercase letter “D” is written by starting at the baseline and then making a curve that goes up to the top line, and finishing by going down to the baseline again.

4. How do you write a “d” in cursive?

To write a “d” in cursive, start by making a small loop on the baseline. Next, make a small hook on the right side of the loop. Curve the line up and to the right, ending with a dot on top.


While some people may view learning how to write in cursive as a waste of time, the ability to read and write in cursive is still incredibly important. Not only is it a dying art, but it also teaches children the importance of taking their time and paying attention to detail. With a little bit of practice, anyone can learn how to write in cursive.


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